On the Importance of

a Holistic Space 

I discovered Kundalini Yoga in the fall of 2019, while I was browsing online looking for a retreat. I stumbled upon several recounts describing it as life changing, it sounded kind of magical to me… 

I went to my first class with a friend in a beautiful place in Paris. 

It was an extraordinary experience unlike anything I had ever experienced before. 

The teacher played the gong during the relaxation. I felt cleansed somehow and energized at the same time. I left feeling so powerful and blessed to be able to have had this experience.

Kundalini & Sound


Since then, sound has become a central part of what I offer and my personal practice. I chose to integrate the wisdom of Kundalini yoga and one of its main tools, mantras, in my coaching. Coaching is about providing a space that is the coachee’s so they can find and build their personal path towards a set objective. 

The aim of Kundalini Yoga is to release the Kundalini life force energy that is lodged at the base of the spine and help elevate and deploy it across the whole body/ being. 

Practicing this yoga is helpful in cleaning what no longer serves and giving ourselves a more amplified presence. 

Power of Sound & Mantra



The essential mantra in Kundalini is Sat Nam. Sat means Truth and Nam means name or identity. A translation for it could be ‘Truth is my name’.
The main questions behind it could be: What is your essence? What is the most important? What is you and only you? 

By inviting Kundalini to serve coaching, we rely only on the present and strive not to assume. Kundalini wisdom honors the cyclical nature of journeys, of evolution... 

The use of mantra helps the mind focus. It is a form of discipline to adhere to, it channels thoughts and energy. 

Sound vibrations have an impact on the body, the mind and the spirit. Happiness, grief, joy, are seen in Kundalini as frequencies of the mind. They determine the “program”  played by our mind. This scenario becomes our vibration. This means at any time we have the power and choice to change the program and frequencies we vibrate at. 

Connecting to a mantra can contribute to operating a movement and/or change. 

The experience that combines different tools involves several senses and encourages the flow. 

Intuition is a key element of the process.
The term "intuition" comes from the Latin word in-tuir, which can be translated as "looking, regarding or knowing from within”
Intuition can be seen as arriving at knowledge without relying on any form of reason. 

All the answers are within. 

The idea is to connect people to themselves and lead them to that precious place where they can create the connections for themselves and have the answers for the next step. 

Integrating the Whole Being

 Mantras and chanting stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic system is also commonly referred to as the Rest and Digest system. When we rest, we better digest, and what better place to look at our objective than from a rested place and with a relevant amount of digestion i.e. distance. 

In French, the word ‘understand’ ‘comprendre’ has as a latin root ‘compre(he)ndere’.

It is comprised of ‘cum’ which means ‘with’ and “prehendere” meaning ‘to take, seize’. 

As a result, understanding means to seize together and surround something. 

Understanding something about yourself or a situation means you have lived an experience fully, embarked the whole body. The mind cannot do it on its own. 

Meditation opens up a great opportunity for presence and looking at things from an angle you do not normally look at. 

According to Thich Nath Hanh “Meditation is not evasion, it is a serene encounter with reality”. 

Connecting to the present helps us meet ourselves where we are. It is only through integrating the now that we can make our way through the path of tomorrow, we then do so with intention. 

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