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My Offerings 

I work with individuals and groups of people. 
I like to use various tools  to assist in clarifying personal value and belief systems and better see how these guide different areas of our lives. 

My aim is to support engaging mind and body towards exploring resilience, embracing intersectional perspectives, and developing community support.

I offer individual or group support.

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Coaching for individuals in Paris or online

I offer coaching containers in French & English, the space we create will be based on your needs. Sessions are available in Paris and online. 

Individual Coaching

Are you looking for a better work/life balance, switching careers, hoping to introduce a different vision, or to implement change in your life, etc .. We can work together using the powerful method of coaching. 

Coaching is a safe, confidential, and benevolent space where a person defines a precise goal and develops a strategy, or strategies to reach it.
I guide you in questioning, reflecting, and discovering your unique creative path towards collective liberation
Together, we cultivate the confidence and equip you with the tools to independently shape your future while contributing to our shared liberation.

To find out how we can work together please get in touch via my contact page.

 Workshops & Retreats for Groups, near Paris


My group offerings include collective movement, activities, creative moments and sharing. I also guide day long or multiple day retreats. 

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I specialize in facilitating creative workshops designed to reimagine our connections—to ourselves, to others, and to the environment. Through innovative exercises and reflective practices, participants explore new ways of understanding and nurturing these bonds.

Whether through art, storytelling, or interactive activities, these workshops invite participants to envision and co-create a more just and interconnected world.

Each experience is unique and helps you explore in original ways using original approaches. 


Retreats are a moment where we delve into connections between individuals and the collective whole.
They offer immersive experiences aimed at deepening our understanding of collective complexity and fostering community.

Through a blend of contemplative practices, group dialogue, and shared activities, participants explore how our individual paths intersect with and contribute to the collective journey towards greater  liberation.

Join us as we co-create sacred spaces for collective reflection, growth, and collective action, nurturing bonds that transcend boundaries and empower us to enact  change together.

To find out more about my group offerings have a look at my news page.

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