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Mission-Driven Organisations

I work with organizations, teams, and individuals engaged in social transformation. 
Whether it be clarifying the mission vision & values at an organizational level, addressing a change in processes or conflict resolution... my offerings are aimed at developing strengths at an individual and collective level. 
I use all the tools I have to co-construct paths that serve specific purposes. 
I work with organisations to define the needs and offer solutions in line with identified objectives.  

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For Groups

Team Coaching

Whether it be helping an exec team define its decision-making process, accompanying value definition at company and/or team level. I design and run team coaching programs to support teams reach their set objective. 

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I create and guide workshops designed for organizations and teams. In my workshops 
I use various tools that engage the whole being.  The theme and objectives can be centered around teamwork, teambuilding, better knowledge of team profiles,… 
To find out how we can work together in Paris please get in touch via my contact page.

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Offsites &  Retreats

Offsites and company retreat activities can include movement, meditation, and tailored experiences that serve a specific objective. 
That objective can be teambuilding, fostering experimentation and creativity or work on mission, vision and values. To find out how we can work together please get in touch via my contact page.

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Individual Coaching 

Companies can use coaching as a powerful way to support their employees towards a set objective. I work with individuals who want to reach a better work/life balance, introduce a different vision, or to implement a change, etc...

Coaching is a safe, confidential, and benevolent space where a person defines a precise goal and develops a strategy, or strategies to reach it. 
In this process, I help the person question, reflect and find their own path and have the confidence & tools to independently forge their future. 
The value of my coaching is delving into mindsets to help see options differently. 

I work with coachees to define an objective or start working on one they have already identified. To find out how we can work together please get in touch via my contact page. 

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